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October 2009
A new Master is born

October 2008
Internship in Vietnam

August 2007
My New Career

June 2006
Bye Bye Aalborg

September 2005
BJ - A Father

May 2005
Started Work in Aalborg

March 2005
Farewell to Beijing

December 2004
New Family Member
Siemens in Aalborg.
At the beginning of May I started work with Siemens in Aalborg in Denmark. I have signed a 12 month contract with them and I will be here until the end of April 2006.
Aalborg is a town in northern Jutland almost 1 hours flying time from Copenhagen and just over 4 hours traveling time in the train. It is located on what the Danes call a fjord but it is more like a river. This fjord, the Lim, provides a link with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea in the east.
Aalborg is famous for its Schnaps, here it is called "Aquavit", the "water of life".
Siemens Leaving Party in Beijing
My leaving party at Siemens in Beijing with all my colleagues around me.
Photo of BJ
Like all good reindeers BJ arrived on time on Christmas Day and weighed in at a bouncing 100 grams.
Photo of Baby Busta
BJ and his so far camera shy girlfriend are pleased to announce that 4 weeks and 5 days after a wonderfully passionate night in the Busta House Hotel, baby Busta arrived to join the happy family in Aalborg.

The name Busta; as is the norm nowadays in celebrity circles, Busta was named after the likely place of conception.

The photo shows the proud parents with baby Busta, for the moment the camera shy mother would like to remain anonymous - if anyone can identify her please email me.
Goodbye Aalborg

Bye Bye Aalborg !
Guess what my new career is going to be?
Bar Tender
Bar Tender
Chicken Farmer
Chicken Farmer
Fast Food
Fast Food
Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver
Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer
Train Driver
Train Driver
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I have been a slave to the German tax authorities for almost 30 years and now I think itís time to be a student again.

From the middle of September, for the next 2 years, Iím going to study "sustainable tourism management" in Eberswalde.

Until quite recently I didnít know where Eberswalde was located. I still donít really know, but from a map I have discovered that it is 50 km northeast of Berlin, close to Poland and surrounded by a lot of forest and lakes.

If you are looking for an "exotic" travel destination you are very welcome to visit me. In the second year I will only be in Eberswalde for short periods as I will be going to somewhere much more exotic to do the required internship and master thesis, e.g. at a chocolate factory in Ecuador. Smilies

"Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better."
Richard Hooker (ca. 1554-1600)
Buffalo Tours

I didn't make it to the chocolate factory in Ecuador - well not yet, and there were too many visa problems with China because of the Olympics so I had to find somewhere equally as exotic and exciting.

So how about Vietnam?

Unfortunateley I have to forget about the Chinese which I studied for 1 year. Nevertheless it sounds all very promising.

I will work in the 'Volunteer tourism' sector of Buffalo Tours, a tour operator offering sustainable tourism packages. If you want to visit me, please donít hesitate to book a tour with Smilies
Photo of Barbara after MT Defense

October 28, 2009

After two years of blood, sweat and tears a new Master was born at the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde.

Donít be too scared, Iím now Master of Arts having completed my Sustainable Tourism Master Course; this sounds so much better than Dipl.-Math., doesnít it?

The tourism course was a totally different experience from my mathematics course which I finished 20 years ago in Düsseldorf, was that really in 1988, before the wall came down?

After some relaxation time on Usedom, Germanyís second largest island and situated at the Baltic Sea, and yes it was cold, I said a tearful good-bye to Eberswalde on the train ride back from Usedom to Berlin.

This chapter of my life has now closed; what now? Iím working on itÖ

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